Author Topic: What do the staff roles actually mean?  (Read 17036 times)


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What do the staff roles actually mean?
« on: November 30, 2017, 01:35:05 am »
Here is a hard and fast guide to the three major staff roles.

Moderator: Basically an administrative janitor. Talks to players about bad behavior, handles ahelps, dishes out bans as appropriate. This position is basically 'admin lite' in the sense that you aren't expected to do anything but handle day to day stuff and accordingly aren't given full admin permissions on server.

Game Administrator: You do everything a mod does but you are also expected to take an active role in managing the community and direction of the server. You have full power on server to do what you like, be that run events, mess with people's hair colour, etc. This position is quite broad and generally if you have it you're expected to know how to keep yourself from stepping over the line from Cool Fun Guy to unprofessional/destructive.

Developer: You look after the GitHub repository. You review open pull requests, maintain the list of bugs on the tracker, and generally ensure that the code is healthy and people aren't shoving in meme PRs that damage the maintainability and quality of the source. This position is distinct from being a contributor - anyone with a GitHub account and a working knowledge of Dream Maker can contribute - but it follows that to be a good developer and maintainer, you should be intimately familiar with contributing as well.
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