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Standard operating procedure for staff.


Admin/moderator guidelines:

* Your job is to intervene in situations that players cannot resolve themselves, not to enforce a given playstyle or culture.
* Under no circumstances deal with adminhelps or complaints originating from a situation you are personally involved in.
* Do not interfere in ongoing IC situations unless the person involved is blatantly griefing or metagaming.
* Do not distract from the antagonists with admin shenanigans unless a vote was undertaken or the voted roundtype was secret and there are no active antagonists.
* If you have doubts about whether an action is appropriate or not, either get a consensus of active admin or don't do it.
Basic incident SOP:

* Contact the person being complained about and politely ask for their side of things.
* If they're clearly busy IC (running from Security, etc) and aren't obviously breaking rule 2, wait until they are not occupied before contacting them.
* Continue this until you have a good idea of what's going on and which rules, if any, are being broken.
* If things are not clear and the situation is murky, seek a consensus from other active admin before acting.
* Apply bans, give warnings, etc.
* Contact whoever complained initially and let them know things were resolved.
* Add player notes wherever appropriate regarding bans, warnings, conduct, etc.

* Admin discretion should be applied when deciding if something requires a warning or a ban. People make mistakes.
* Daybans should be applied for people who are being obnoxious or disruptive or doing anything that is line-toeing. Basic polite conduct things like racism/sexism, spamming OOC, etc. If people don't take the hint then it can be upped to a weekban etc.
* Weekbans should be applied for initial offences, with an exponential increase for further cockups. One week, two weeks, a month, two months, etc.
* Anything more than a month should probably just be a permaban until appeal.


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