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Europa Station

Welcome to the Europa lore wiki!

Be aware that wherever the canon of this wiki disagrees with the canon of the actual game, the game lore takes precedence. Additionally, remember that lore that is not represented in the game should be considered optional or non-canon. This document is primarily reference material and a curiosity rather than an authoritative source.

Please note that this is not a gameplay wiki. You will not find content relating to Space Station 13 mechanics on this wiki, and you shouldn't be adding it if you are an editor. This wiki is solely for lore content.

So what the heck is this anyway?

This is the lore wiki, or setting document, for a fork of a game called Space Station 13. The specific fork is Europa Station, which can be found on Github at this address. SS13 is a game about surviving on a crazy metal death trap in space, and Europa differs mainly in the sense that the metal deathtrap is underwater instead.

Tell me about the setting.

Europa is set entirely within the confines of our Solar system, in the distant space year of 2250. Humans, uplifts, artificial intelligences and other, stranger creatures crew the ships and fill the habitats of the sprawling sectors of Sol. Center stage is taken by the conflicts between the shadowy Cartel, the authoritarian Central Solar Authority, the money-hungry Terran State, and the enthusastic rabble of the Outer Rim. The technology in play tends towards realism where feasible, although the setting as a whole is still soft science fiction at best and outright space fantasy at worst.

Where can I learn more?

The game server can be accessed via the BYOND pager at this address (the wiki software doesn't recognize the byond protocol as an external link, so you'll have to paste it into the pager manually), and our Discord server can be found here.

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