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The Terran State

The Terran State
Capitol The city of Asphodel, Luna.
Territory Earth, Luna.
Government Lunar Trade Council.
Population 9 billion people.
Imports Food, energy, metals.
Exports Data, mercenaries.
Industries Data brokering, piracy, tax havens, banking, business interests, tourism.

Run by a cabal of corporations with representatives on the Lunar Trade Council. Following the collapse of the world government, the fledgling (and largely weak) CSA ceded rights to Earth to the corporate bloc running Luna, and it was auctioned off piecemeal to the highest bidder. Quality of life on Earth varies wildly between each 'sponsor' with some companies constructing arcologies and issuing corporate registration numbers and 'citizenship', and other building vast domed preserves and spending billions on reintroducing Earth flora and fauna into an artificially maintained environment. As a whole, Earth is a polluted and dangerous place with no consistent human rights or legal processes, but it remains home to many who either cannot afford to leave or find the specific conditions of a given arcology to be ideal for them or their interests.

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