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Venus Planet
Distance from Sol 0.7AU
Sector Inner System
Political affiliation Inner System bloc, Central Solar Authority


After the success of the Martian terraforming project, the conglomerate responsible set their sights on Venus. With arable land at a premium and huge volumes of money and raw materials flooding the industrial markets thanks to the asteroid mining operations near Mercury, it was feasible to begin work on the significantly more complex problem of reducing the Venusian surface temperature and making the atmosphere compatible with human life. Many are considering the ongoing project, which has been running for approaching six decades, a test run for using the currently experimental technologies to restore the devastated ecosphere of Earth to a better state.

Places of note


Named for the mythical moon of Venus, Neith is a large and complex facility constructed in and on the repositioned and re-purposed quasi-satellite 2002 VE68. It is a corporate-run spaceport and home to the Venusian Terraforming Project and Sol Institute of Planetary Science, which both research and apply techniques for terraforming and planetary engineering. Neith is probably the most highly-regarded hub of scientific research and cosmological understanding in Sol.

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